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Just some quick technical notes about this site:

First off, if you are using Windows, use Firefox or Opera. I do check this site in Internet Explorer, but with versions no earlier than 6.0. Moreover, I am tired of having the site display correctly in standards compliant browsers, and then have to mangle it to function in IE. Fortunately, IE 7 is better (though not perfect), and for Windows users, it is available for download. Honestly though, Opera is faster and Firefox is so much more flexible – and both far more secure than Internet Explorer – that other than needing IE for Windows Update or possibly a corporate Terminal Services website, why would you use it? As for other platforms, I do check the site in Konqueror and Firefox under Linux form time to time, and even borrow a Mac occasionally, but not regularly. I’ll try to do better here, but you should be fine. If not, let me know.

On the other hand, my main desktop is typically configured for 1600×1200, while my notebook has an 8.4″ 800×600 screen, so this site should display well enough across a range of resolutions, so there are no impositions there.

As for the content:

This site is separated into several sections, though as of this writing only some have real material at the present.

  • news - my blog, “noted.” The function of a blog is fairly obvious – the widespread dissemination of inarticulate thought and bad poetry. In all seriousness, it provides me an outlook to highlight and comment on interesting phenomena – of past, present, and future. Topics will naturally follow my interests, history , language, art, the religious experience of man, and technology. Essentially, it is a free form section for a variety of endeavors that will hopefully seed my creativity and provide some worthwhile discussion.
  • tech* – though as yet undeveloped, this section is fairly well thought out. I hope it to be a repository of techniques and technology of interest, with an eye towards the practical. It could be thought of as a “hacks” section, because no technology is complete without an thorough examination of what can be done with it, and techniques are facilitated with technology. I expect the many things that will end up in this section will first make an appearance in the blog in some primitive form. However, this section will not appear until a critical mass of material has been accumulated.
  • texts – a collection of poetry and essays and other forays into the written world.
  • photo – self explanatory, I would think. I love photography even if I am somewhat unfaithful to it for stretches at a time.
  • bio – I suppose we are all entitled to some self promotion. Besides, I need a job, sort of.

Originally, I was unsure as to whether the texts section would be a collection of my writings or a repository of historical and largely obscure Jewish texts, presented as a wiki by a closed set of contributors (in order to maintain the quality of the work to an academic standard) though freely distributable. These texts constitute a significant piece of Jewish heritage, which while not lost, remains hidden from even those who would seek and understand it. I’ve decided that this project should stand alone. I hope to see this project to fruition, as it has been sitting in the back of my mind for several years.