19 in 19 at Curate NYC

Well, I’ll admit I like this one: ┬áLaurie Ann Farrell, Executive Director of Exhibitions at SCAD put Two by Four in her 19 piece online exhibit drawn from the 1,552 (according to the site artist entries). In general, I find the individual curation to be far better than the jury panel. I do think that the selections need to be blind. I thought that last year, and I think it remains an issue, though it would be problematic as the impetus of the project is to garner attention to less known NYC artists. I’m sure something can be worked out.

However, my 2nd selection aside, I couldn’t really bear using such an old piece – I’ve gotten better since the age of 19, but I had my reasons for doing what I did. Since the judging and additional curating is done, I uploaded what was going to be my submission for this year to my profile; Quiptych. It also forms the centerpiece of my “cohesive” printed art portfolio, arrange just so to use the problem of vertical pieces in an horziontal presentation book to my advantage.

Now, finally, to get some real writing done.



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