Before a bath

What then is the value of a dialectic of intertextual reference?  Pretension, maybe, certainly true at times, but usually a charge from the illiterate egoist.  Validation, (either or both) establishing the credentials (of entry, consideration, engagement) of the author and a guarded gate in the name of esotericism – only the chapter headings, and not before anyone save the rare meritorious ear.  Perhaps it is the popular version of the latter; a method of revered scholars as emulated by followers, granted prestige as dialect, but stripped of its mysterious functionality, or at least lowered to code switching of a sort – putatively “Number 34″; “You didn’t tell it right” or conversely(!), a popular register – “at Tanagra” – that the cautious scholar imbued with new functionality to suit his exclusionary purpose.  In all of these, it could merely be the value of time vs. space, the efficacy of a cultural lookup table, or (perhaps as exactly here) where there is no common understanding as drawing upon diversity in basic references from often mutually exclusive groupings.  If then, if me(?), then a smattering of all, and Google and critical notes and if kind and of a popular mindset, href, remedies much.
But what of the ineffable upon ineffable, not just allegory in relating a concept of one discourse to a mind born and still tied to another, but the third – the extemporaneous, ephemeral meaning, akin to the three characters of concern among two: man, woman, and the relationship.

And if so, and if then, how to explain that third order?

And what in relation to myself – when I forget the implied thoughts I don’t write here, or if I did, their progeny or the slight errors in unlike punctuation for like elucidatory function – a future mind that is has no privilege and no authorial assertions or argument?

Well, I warm my feet in my drawing bath while it – Nemo – snows outside.  That’s literal and must be fully understood at any point, bereft of any meaning but feet, water, and cold.  Same goes for that last sentence. 

Maybe if I “took” a picture?



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