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Before a bath

‍‍כ״ט שבט ה׳ תשע״ג - Friday, February 8th, 2013

What then is the value of a dialectic of intertextual reference?  Pretension, maybe, certainly true at times, but usually a charge from the illiterate egoist.  Validation, (either or both) establishing the credentials (of entry, consideration, engagement) of the author and a guarded gate in the name of esotericism – only the chapter headings, and not before anyone save the rare meritorious ear.  Perhaps it is the popular version of the latter; a method of revered scholars as emulated by followers, granted prestige as dialect, but stripped of its mysterious functionality, or at least lowered to code switching of a sort – putatively “Number 34″; “You didn’t tell it right” or conversely(!), a popular register – “at Tanagra” – that the cautious scholar imbued with new functionality to suit his exclusionary purpose.  In all of these, it could merely be the value of time vs. space, the efficacy of a cultural lookup table, or (perhaps as exactly here) where there is no common understanding as drawing upon diversity in basic references from often mutually exclusive groupings.  If then, if me(?), then a smattering of all, and Google and critical notes and if kind and of a popular mindset, href, remedies much.


‍‍כ״א חשון ה׳ תש״ע - Saturday, November 7th, 2009

There are distinct smells to seasons, and in New York, this is not limited to the floral dawn of spring.  Here, at least, the smells are decisive heralds, for once they come, they and their season do not leave until complete.

Winter’s is perhaps my favorite of these, and as of yesterday afternoon, it seems Fall has drawn to an early close.  You can never be sure what precisely produces it – it is the amalgam of all things grey: woolen clothing, the smoke of roasted nuts, the exhaust of overtaxed cars. Appropriately, it arrived a few hours after the victory parade for the Fall Classic.

Given these circumstances, and that relocating to the South is at its most uncertain today, necessity mothered me with:

Winter Tea

3.5 oz Rye
2 oz Simple Syrup
1 oz Dry Vermouth
1/2 oz Grenadine
Lemon Bitters

Bring Rye, Simple Syrup, and Grenadine to a boil, pour into mug, add vermouth cold, add bitters.

The drink can obviously be overly sugary, so add water and time to the boil according to taste.  In the alternative, a weaker but still enjoyable concoction can be had by mixing this with hot tea. I used green tea (shamefully from a bag) in a 3:2 tea to “Tea” ratio.  The trick is to boil the alcohol while waiting for the tea to steep.  Pour the hot alcohol, then the cold alcohol, then the tea.

Be careful with high proof drinks and fire.

Very strong and very cold.

‍‍כ״ה אדר ב' ה׳ תשס״ט - Friday, March 20th, 2009

Is the right way to drink gin. To wit,  an (obvious) martini variant I made up the other week:

The Brandon

2 oz Gin
1 oz Cranberry Schnapps
4 dashes Peychaud’s Bitters
2 dashes Regan’s Orange Bitters

Pour the schnapps into a chilled cocktail glass, coat the insides
Pour out the cocktail glass into the mixing glass.
Add Gin, Bitters, stir, double strain.
Garnish with a large orange slice or cherry.

Nothing brilliant here – other than the taste – it just restores the bitters from the classic Martini recipe, replaces sweet vermouth with cranberry schnapps, and uses the Peychaud’s to add contrast in the finish. Some things to note – since quality kosher vermouth is hard to find (Stock, Cinzano, and Martini & Rossi only have hechshers in Israel, the US Kedem vermouth it not good enough to burn, let alone drink) – this allows a nice kosher alternative to the traditional Sweet Martini.

Since neither Peychaud nor Regan carry hechshers, they do need to be substituted.  I added the (considerable amount of) Peychaud’s to give the drink an anise flavor, so perhaps a teaspoon or less of such that flavor in a  red or clear liqour might stand in – arak or ouzo should work; Sambuca is probably too sweet.  As for the Regan’s,  one or two dashes of Angostura mixed with orange oil or zest could stand in.  If you grate rather than twisting the oil from the zest, double strain with a mesh strainer.  Hell, do that anyway.  Ice fragments ruin this drink.

Don’t use more than 3 oz Gin or the drink will lose its particular charm.  If the cocktail is poured to the lip of the glass, the in and out (coating) is pointless.

Finally, since it seems I’m posting odd news stories today:
Man shoots and wounds his daughter after she pours out his gin

I shot a man in Reno, cause he spilled my rye.