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I hit it!

‍‍כ״ב שבט ה׳ תשס״ח - Monday, January 28th, 2008

Just a note, for using OpenVPN on Nokia Internet Tablets – dont use a verb[ose] level of 4 (or greater? I didn’t test) .

When I redid my VPN this month, it took me an hour to track this down. Somehow I doubt it will be patched, either.

Simple fix, tho.

A minute proposal.

‍‍י״ב כסלו ה׳ תשס״ח - Thursday, November 22nd, 2007

A month ago, in a review of the n810 on Maemo Apps, Jonathan Greene suggested that microb, the Gecko 1.9 “browser” for the Maemo platform, needs a branded name.  I wholeheartedly agree. In fact, I wasn’t sure whether to type microb or Microb or MicroB in the first sentence (the package name won out) as I have seen them all used.  I have a suggestion.


The littlest (red) fox around.  Actually, they are the smallest Canid around.  Hardy too, they survive throughout the Sahara and Arabian Peninsula, though are a popular target of hunting.  Drawing its water from vegetation, the fennec can survive without drinking for extended periods. They can be domesticated with some work, but that is not a task for those seeking the path of least resistance.

Sounds just like the mobile Linux experience.

Oh, and they are cute, too.

A warning to N800 owners, users, hackers.

‍‍כ׳ אלול ה׳ תשס״ז - Monday, September 3rd, 2007

So, a couple of weeks ago, I reflashed my Nokia n800 because something had gone terribly wrong: it seemed that the power saving features no longer worked. I would have the machine plugged in to the outlet, screen locked and the machine set to offline mode – neither of which, to Nokia’s credit, should grant significant power savings – and then, after unplugging it and leaving it in such a state would hear the dreaded low power notice play but a few hours later. Since I have made significant changes to my n800, I assumed that this was the result of some obscure switch I flipped in a conf file in an all-too-small vim session. Accepting the fact that tracking down the cause of the problem would take longer than the total system wipe – and that I had been intending to rebuild my system at some point anyway – I took the coward’s approach and reflashed. And all was good.Until a few days ago.

The power drain returned.

This time, I had a newly rebuilt system with nigh complete Hebrew support and all the applications i wanted. Reflashing, though an option, was no longer acceptable. This time the behavior was limited to an effect of the software installed over a few prior days and thus, more easily debugged. To make a long enough story somewhat shorter, the cause of my problems turned out to be the Autoscan package.

Let me be clear – these are my problems – the package is clearly marked as arm, not armel, marked as for the 770, not the n800. The developers did no wrong.

Still, the package manager installed just fine, and it provided functionality I wanted. However, it was also creating a server which constantly ran network traffic, irrespective of the status of the client software or network connection. From this, I have learned two lessons which I hope will be of use to someone else facing four hour battery lifespans on the n800:

  1. The differences in 770 and n800 software can be significant. Just because a package installs and runs does not mean happiness will ensue. The power management differences are more important than I considered.
  2. The value of a good, ps-like, Hildonized task list/manager cannot be underestimated. Load Applet is my choice these days. My choice prior to reflashing displayed Hildon apps only; had I known about the Autoscan daemon I could have saved myself hours of reinstalls and reconfiguring.