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half time game plan

‍‍ד׳ טבת ה׳ תשע״ג - Monday, December 17th, 2012

While this entire site needs a revamp,  one thing, perhaps the most important thing, needs to be addressed – content.  While it’s obvious that I rarely post here, I do post long comments, some article length elsewhere.  I’m going to be moving copies here and revising them (not all sites allow editing and I have this silly habit of using my Nexus 7 tablet for long posts – not conducive to avoiding typos both foreign and autocorrect).

The first selection is my comment on Vice’s Art Basel article – perfect because I came to Miami specifically for Art Week, had a nearly perfect successful couple of days (I showed up late and last minute), was appreciated to the degree that talented artists on at least three continents sent me Facebook friend requests, has raised (some confused) commentary elsewhere on the web, and poetically, today is my last full day here, in my occaisional other city, and sets the stage for a more public presence (and work, always work) when I return to NYC on Tuesday.

Exposition of intuition

‍‍כ״ז ניסן ה׳ תשע״ב - Thursday, April 19th, 2012

I recently started a list of maxims.  At this point, it’s mostly photography related because, frankly, I was tired of 1) repeating myself and 2)reformulating a simple, memorable presentation of an idea al regel achat.

Also, I’m on my sixth gallery software install since I first put images up on this site some six years ago.  It works ok, but it uses Flash which annoys me and the fallback (primarily) for iOS doesn’t work well, which doesn’t annoy me.  I’ve decided to leave it for now, but I realize the best option to do an HTML5 gallery, probably from scratch or at least with pasted together code.  There’s plenty of nice things (and much overlap with my Facebook fan page, so it can wait.  Weiter.

So as to stop repeating myself, let me say

‍‍ו׳ ניסן ה׳ תשע״ב - Wednesday, March 28th, 2012

I’ve made a few additions to my ever neglected site.

I decided that rough is better than none, so I posted a preliminary write up of the Hasselblad 2000 FCW. Fortunately, I can cut and paste much of that V body’s review into other pages, so hopfully it will speed up the 500 ELX and 500 C(/M) reviews.

Also, I found I tend to repeat the same damn pearls of wisdom in one too many conversations, so I figured I’d make a running list and expand on each one of them in a blog post. I don’t think there is any particular order for them, but we’ll see. It might even get me to write more.

Again, we’ll see.

Not again… but maybe “never” again?

‍‍א׳ אדר ב' ה׳ תשע״ב - Friday, February 24th, 2012

Really handy tool for cleaning up (another) WordPress base64 injection attack.  It’s not perfect:  I found more junk code, or perhaps the source of my problems, lurking in a directory in my main WordPress directory.  On the other hand, it did a great job of clearing all those damn php junk headers.

This time I have done some hardening of the install beyond new .htaccess files, plus checked my database (but disturbingly didn’t find anything), and added an IDS and some other stuff.  Yeah, should have done that ages ago.  Well, here’s hoping I don’t have to deal with this again… which will require me paying more attention.

mic check – 1/2 / 1 2 – is this thing on?

‍‍ח׳ טבת ה׳ תשע״ב - Monday, January 2nd, 2012

Hi everybody.

So last year, this site more than doubled in traffic. Not a bad result from flirting reluctantly with self promotion – handing out maybe 200 business cards since the end of October 2010. This year, goals are explicit, higher and pursued with intent. My public presence now includes:


  • This site with formal collections of finished artwork.  The visual component will be fairly static.   Text, in the form of blog posts and information pages, will be frequent and more importantly, useful.  Expect equipment and technique reviews from my unique standpoint, and I plan to add a good bibliography in the next few days.
  • My new, public Facebook page will have my most up to date work, often in a raw, lightly edited state.  What was once accessible to a select group of artists and friends will be public.  Please hit “like” and “share” it with your friends, too.
  • My work will be represented on one more site, but that’s a bit down the line and somewhat hush hush.
  • My twitter feed collects much of the above and serves as an overall RSS feed.  I still need to figure out a proper flow for these microblog links – I want to inform, not spam.  It should be manageable, but if you find a flood, let me know.


And that pretty much covers the online stuff only.  Other things are in the works – and that doesn’t include the real work : the art.

2011 was a mixed bag – everything about it could be described as half-hearted – and yet, still a success.  Let’s see what happens with some intent behind it.

the hole that keeps giving. hopefully, kept.

‍‍כ״ט חשון ה׳ תשע״ב - Friday, November 25th, 2011

Well, the zenphoto hole affected the whole site. But after parsing just about every script on the site and putting in new .htaccess files, I think I’m clean and I can’t find any ill effects. That was really annoying and very badly timed for me. In fact, the time I was going to spend on moving to integrate the galleries into WordPress was spent on that; but I think I can get that done this weekend.