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Pretty good. And pretty.

‍‍י״ד אלול ה׳ תשס״ז - Tuesday, August 28th, 2007

You know, I was tempted  to entitle this post “Supergood,” but that would have been too much the cliche – whether or not it has been used to describe Superbad, which I just saw.  Somehow it smacks of the trite wordplay I expect from the Post or the Daily News, neither of which I care to emulate.  Moreover, it’s just not true -  the movie was good, better than expected of its genre, but still, it dragged at times.  It did have me laughing out loud at moments, but not nearly as much as I expected from the trailers.

Incidentally, I have to get mp4s working under Debian more reliably.   More on that later, in another post.

Back to the flick.  Worth seeing.  Serious kudos are owed for a film which makes all three of its objets d’lust brunettes.  In doing so, it avoided an idiotic cliche; not all men prefer blondes, yet still prefer women.

If I knew how to put an upside down A here, I would.

‍‍י׳ אלול ה׳ תשס״ז - Friday, August 24th, 2007

But I can’t, nor can I be bothered to figure out how to do so. Let me point out one simple fact… If that character defines the set of people who find you acceptable, likable – or rather, you believe this to be so – you carry the small, small soul of a politician, and must deal with the simple fact that I am the backwards E that is bringing your shit down.

Moreover, if you did not understand the above paragraph, nor did you engage in the five minutes of consultation with Google or Wikipedia, or lord forgive us, a book, that might cure you of ignorance – ignorance not being a crime, sin, or disease, but the total inability to remedy it being all three – if you did not understand, than you are simply the type that I care to offend, the burden on goodness which allows me to say, “Well Lord, I am not much, but at least I am not that.”

More on this later.

For now, a mere thought that has been bothering me. Many people write. Some even have some skill. A select few are truly good. Whether I belong to the ultimate or penultimate class, I care enough to edit, to read aloud, to avoid reuse – you know, the basic artisanry of writing. So why is it, that the bulk of personal writing that even I am willing to put out into the world, is the horrid, horrid, shit that fills many a tower of blog? Yes, I apologize – this blog’s content is tepid, the prose unedited – and not in a good (i.e. avoid the NC-17) way. Isn’t it odd that I am not unique in that; of all the things we commit to paper or Word format or HTML, why is it that we choose the least of it to disseminate to the world?

That the answer is clear makes it no less disheartening.

A last point: some TV shows are really good enough to make me consider going outside, buying a pack of smokes, and relighting the habit. Californication seems to be one of those shows – I can’t remember laughing so hard, naturally. It deserves some time and a chance.

Appraisers, do tell -

‍‍ט׳ תמוז ה׳ תשס״ז - Sunday, June 24th, 2007

We have a vibe.

Is that little or lot?

As a somewhat related aside, Adorno turns up in the oddest places.