ACI April 2014

Just the physical stuff for now.  Also, there are always changes for performance/thermals and on testing boxes, experimentation.
95% of fans have been swapped for Noctuas, usually PWMs.  Not listing optical drives and JBOD/hotswap arrangements (int or ext) because that’s extremely in flux.

So, just a copypasta of a text file, so for now, doesn’t use any nice minimal formatting, nor links to posts/explanatory pages.

Still, for clarity:

  • normal text is deployed and configured or nearly so – remember, this is the infrastructure for tasks; some of those projects are software implementations – and just maybe, development. (“work”)
  • italics is assembled and pre-deployment configured, currently at the primary site. (“needs work”)
  • italics and underlined is yet to be assembled, acquired, or determined. (“to be worked on”)


Body position: Sitting (Desk)
Display – NEC PA241W + HP2335 under-over desk/wallmount

  • DAM/VM Failover:
    • HAF Stacker 925 (bottom)
    • Cooler Master SPH 1300W PSU
    • Supermicro X10SAE
    • Intel E3-1275v3
    • 32GB ECC
    • Firepro V4900
    • M550 256GB OS + M500 240GB VM + M500 User Profiles + S3700 100GB LR5 DB + 4x 4TB Deskstar 7K4
    • Delta 1010 PCI
    • MIDI: Axon AX-50 (fill in more MIDI) to Delta 1010
    • Speakers: HS50M to Delta 1010
    • Brocade 1020
    • Supermicro/LSI 9260i
  • Testing machine (for VM/SAN/NAS/Client OS):
    • HAF Stacker 915 (top)
    • Corsair CX600M PSU
    • ASRock E3C224D4I-14S (doesn’t fit well; modding would require a new back plate.  Considering ASRock C2750D4I, but will lose VT-d.  Probably E3C224 becomes SITE 3 machine)
    • Intel E3-1245v3
    • 16GB ECC (to 32GB, 64GB if SAN/NAS and Avoton — and if 16GB ECC UDIMM can be sourced)
    • 840 EVO 120GB
    • Brocade 1020
  • UPS: Eaton 5125 1500 + 10/100 SNMP/Web/Hub  (to replace APC Back-UPS PRO 1500 after 8U rack is installed)
  • Switch: TBD (replace simple 8x1G, 4x 10G would be nice)
  • Small rack for 3U chassis, 2U UPS, Delta 1010 breakout, line amp.  Depends on new desk.

Body position: Stand/Sit (Bench)
Display – Wacom Cintiq 24HD Touch + 4x DisplayPort KVM+USB+Audio

  • Rack 15U, top down:
  • 1U Switch: Quanta LB4M 48x1G RJ-45 + 2x 10G on active TwinAX (at some point, play with alt. firmware)
  • 4U HP/Agilent 54201A Digital Oscilloscope + GPIB
  • 3U Creation Workstation:
    • PlinkUSA 3U LCD
    • Athena Power AP-U3ATX80FEP8 800W PSU
    • Supermicro X9DA7
    • Intel E5-2620
    • Samsung 64GB ECC
    • Firepro W5000
    • M550 OS + S3700 Scratch/LR DB + 840 Pro 256GB (ex-OS, what now?) + other assorted drives
  • 4U VM Host:
    • Norco RPC-470
    • Lenovo S20 625W PSU
    • Lenovo D20 MoBo
    • 1x Intel L5639
    • 48GB RAM
    • Quadro K600 + ATI 7970 (sometimes)
    • 840 Evo 250GB OS + M500 240GB VM + 4x 4TB Deskstar 5K4 image array + 4TB Deskstar for ISO/Manuals/Drivers/ebook archive + other drives
    • Brocade 1020
    • PCI GPIB Host
    • etc., as needed/experiments
  • 1U ePDU: Pulizzi IPC3401-NET
  • 2U UPS: Eaton 5125 1500 + 10/100 SNMP/Web/Hub
  • 0U (Velcro) Raspberry Pi Model B


  • Epson 10000XL + 10/100 LAN
  • Plustek OpticFilm 35mm
  • need HQ Negative scanner for 120/220; LF would be nice
  • Cheap sheetfed+card scanner to deal with paper clutter
  • (Samsung SCX-4500W, but not really used for scanning)


  • Epson 4900
  • Canon Pro 9000 mk2 (provides dye gamut, perhaps proof for other pigment)
  • Samsung SCX-4500W (as office printer)
  • Epson 3880(?) Piezography dedicated b+w, also for transparency digital negative


  • i1Publish Pro 2
  • old Spyder puck (model?)
  • additional colorimeter

Other LAN:

  • AP/Router: Asus RT-N66U DD-WRT
  • AP: Asus RT-AC66U DD-WRT + 500GB USB
  • AP: Linksys WRT54GSv1 DD-WRT
  • build 2x or 3x radio dual band AP
  • OOB LAN/KVMIP/Serial over IP:  TBD

Other Devices/Features:

  • Quirky Nimbus
  • Sonos
    • Connect Hub
    • 2x Sonos Play 1
  • Philips Hue Lighting (high CRI  (90 at 2700K), 2000-6500K for object evaluation under diverse lighting, maybe UV source?)
    • 19x Hue A19
    • 2x Hue PAR30
    • 2x Hue Strips
  • 2x TCP Wireless White LED Bulbs
  • 9x Milight RGBW LED Bulbs
  • ZWave USB stick
  • deRFusb 23E00 JTAG 802.15.4
  • TI 802.15.4 tools


  • EVGA E760 + i7-920 (anything useful for this now, given power draw?)
  • Asus A8N-SLI + Opteron 175 (same, but even more so?)
  • Yaesu Radios (to interface and/or SDR experiments?)
  • Arduinos (as needed, perhaps in sculpture)
  • PC104 Board
  • Sun Qube (bring this back, somewhere, it’s too cool to sit unused)
  • Cyrix Industrial DC computers (any use?)


…and more assorted stuff, drives, PSUs, cards, and g-d – the cables…



  • Mirror/Workstation/VM host:
    • Simple no-name half tower
    • Seasonic G-750RM
    • Supermicro X9SRE-3F
    • Intel E5-1620v2
    • 32GB
    • Quadro K600
    • LSI 9260-8i(?)
    • 840 Pro 256GB OS + M500 240GB VM + 4x 4TB Deskstar 7K4 NAS + more drives (drive to mirror/cache use profiles)
    • 2x “3 in 2″ hotswap bays
  • General desktop:
    • new ITX case with PSU
    • ASRock B85M-ITX
    • Intel Pentium G3020
    • 8GB RAM
    • C300(?)
  • Media:
    • (new case, maybe HAF XB too big, find half height ATX media box)
    • inventory the PSU
    • Gigabyte GA-P67A-UD7-B3
    • Intel i7-2600K
    • 12GB RAM
    • 8400GS (replace this?)
    • (OS SSD) + 1.5TB Seagate
  • Switch: TBD
  • UPS: TBD; short term, use APC Back-UPS 1500


SITE 3 – Miami (beware! temperature, humidity, inaccessibility! Assume permanent HVAC failure: 100F, 60% humidity)

  • Workstation/Mirror/VM Host (short term, alternate testing machine at SITE 1):
    • HAF XB EVO (was: 3U iStarUSA D-300, may switch back but only while testing at SITE 1) when deployed, mini tower with 6-9 front bays
    • Seasonic SS-660XP2 PSU (was: Athena Power AP-MTFX30)
    • Supermicro X10SL7-F (to remain at SITE 1 and ASRock E3C224D4I-14s to replace it?  Only need one slot for Quadro K600, no need for HBA or CNA there)
    • Intel E3-1245v3 (to E3-12xxL?)
    • 32GB ECC RAM
    • 840 Pro 256GB OS + M500 240GB VM + 100GB S3700 or 80GB 3500 LR DB + M500 240GB User Profile mirror/cache
    • 4TB LAN Resource mirror +4x 4TB Deskstar 5K4 (to 6x or more to avoid trip for reconfiguration, stay 5400RPM b/c Miami)
  • Alternative: build as fanless Storage and VM only, add hardware or workstation when next needed (e.g. Dec/Basel), must have IPMI
  • Maybe LGA2011 Supermicro Twin in spare HAF 915 (oh look, Puget Systems had the same idea).
    Possibly bring back “toaster” idea; 915R, cut top mesh, vertical mount “5 in 3″ bays? neat, HP Moonshot, same idea.
  • KVMIP as extra remote assurance/insurance
  • AP: 3x Netgear WNDR3700 DD-WRT main LAN (add outgoing client VPN script+dyndns to cover household PEBKAC; maybe even hidden mini router at wirecloset)
  • Use several WiFi LANs/adapters/WiFi-Ethernet bridges to cover wired LAN failure, main LAN misconfig, double NAT/subnet, etc.
    Consider putting home LAN on double NAT
    , mine on first stage
    , bridge/route to be able to fix home user LAN
  • UPS: TBD, LAN, RS232 multi IB/OOB critical





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