ACI June 2014

NYC #2 and Miami got built and deployed sooner than I thought.  Miami needs a second machine to allow reconfiguring the archive volume without having to download 3.5TB.  Primary NYC is finally getting four 10GB ports (covering the two workstations and the VM host, plus whatever else) by swapping Quanta 48 port for two Dell 5524 ports – and should save ~40W across the system and even switch power draw across UPSes.  Hardware stage is about done.

I’m going to add some photos as soon as I get a chance.  Also, I’ll probably add VMs, even though not physical, because they represent management/infrastructure.

Again, for clarity:

  • normal text is deployed and configured or nearly so – remember, this is the infrastructure for tasks; some of those projects are software implementations – and just maybe, development. (“work”)
  • italics is assembled and pre-deployment configured, currently at the primary site. (“needs work”)
  • italics and underlined is yet to be assembled, acquired, or determined. (“to be worked on”)



Body position: Sitting+Standing
Display – NEC PA241W on Ergotron Workfit-C HD + HP2335 wallmount
Need a new chair to fit in this space, especially to match the sit/stand approach.  Both monitors need replacements – the HP2335 has always had the pink bleed common to its panel and the NEC bought open box from B&H, a pretty crappy store, has a vertical yellow line running on the right edge.  The PA272 looks particularly interesting, as does the (pricey) Eizo CG.  Hoping to find a medical (radiology) monitor as a cheaper option.

  • DAM/VM Failover:
    • HAF Stacker 925 (bottom)
    • Cooler Master SPH 1300W PSU
    • Supermicro X10SAE
    • Intel E3-1275v3
    • 32GB ECC
    • Firepro V4900 - Going to swap this; this series of ATI is junk, all sorts of 30 bit problems
    • M550 256GB OS + M500 240GB VM + M500 User Profiles + S3700 100GB LR5 DB + 4x 4TB Deskstar 7K4
    • Delta 1010 PCI
    • MIDI: Axon AX-50 (fill in more MIDI) to Delta 1010
    • Speakers: 2x HS50M to HS8S to Delta 1010
    • Brocade 1020
    • Supermicro/LSI 9260i
    • Plustek OpticFilm 35mm
  • Testing SAN/NAS machine:
    • HAF Stacker 915 (top)
    • Corsair CX600M PSU
    • ASRock C2750D4I
    • 16GB ECC (to 32GB, 64GB with Avoton — and if 16GB ECC UDIMM can be sourced)
    • USB booting for the moment
    • 6x 1.5TB Travelstar 2.5″ SATA drives – covers double parity 6TB in one bay!
    • Brocade 1020 – Needs different card, no *BSD support, rules out FreeNAS use
    • 40W!
  • Kendall Howard 9U LINIER Cabinet with caster base – 9U+casters under desk height is great, but a pain to work on
    9U cabinet, top down:
  • 1U Delta 1010 Breakout Box
  • 1U Behringer DI4000 Active 4-Channel DI Box
  • 3U semi-built ESXi(?) 
    • IStarUsa D300 Chassis
    • Athena Power mTFX 300W
    • Supermicro X10-SL7-F
    • Intel E3-1245v3
    • No RAM
    • No Storage
  • 2U UPS: Eaton 9125 1500 + 10/100 SNMP/Web/Hub  (maybe to 9130, LCD status is nice)
  • Switch: 1U Dell 5524 (2x 10G plus 2x HDMI stacking in the mail, until then) Asus RT-AC66U (DD-WRT w/jumbo frame) 500GB USB

Body position: Stand/Sit (Bench)
Display – Wacom Cintiq 24HD Touch + 4x DisplayPort KVM+USB+Audio

  • Rack 15U, top down:
  • 1U Switch: Quanta LB4M 48x1G RJ-45 + 2x 10G on active TwinAX - 1U Dell 5524 (2x 10G plus 2x HDMI stacking in the mail, until then)
  • 4U HP/Agilent 54201A Digital Oscilloscope + GPIB
  • 3U Creation Workstation:
    • PlinkUSA 3U LCD
    • Athena Power AP-U3ATX80FEP8 800W PSU
    • Supermicro X9DA7
    • Intel E5-2620
    • Samsung 64GB ECC
    • Firepro W5000
    • M550 OS + S3700 Scratch/LR DB + 840 Pro 256GB (ex-OS, what now?) + other assorted drives
  • 4U VM Host:
    • Norco RPC-470
    • Lenovo S20 625W PSU
    • Lenovo D20 MoBo
    • 1x Intel L5639
    • 48GB RAM
    • Quadro K600 + ATI 7970 (sometimes)
    • 840 Evo 250GB OS + M500 240GB VM + 4x 4TB Deskstar 5K4 image array + 4TB Deskstar for ISO/Manuals/Drivers/ebook archive + other drives
    • Brocade 1020
    • PCI GPIB Host
    • etc., as needed/experiments
  • 1U ePDU: Pulizzi IPC3401-NET
  • 2U UPS: Eaton 5125 1500 + 10/100 SNMP/Web/Hub
  • 0U (Velcro) Raspberry Pi Model B

Body Position: Temporary Standing (long equipment storage credenza)

  • Switch: Cisco SG 300-10P (in the mail, jumbo frames, some L3, some PoE)
  • AP/Router: Asus RT-N66U DD-WRT
  • Scanners:
    • Epson 10000XL + 10/100 LAN
    • need HQ Negative scanner for 120/220; LF would be nice
    • Cheap sheetfed+card scanner to deal with paper clutter
    • (Samsung SCX-4500W, but not really used for scanning)
  • Printers:
    • Epson 4900
    • Canon Pro 9000 mk2 (provides dye gamut, perhaps proof for other pigment)
    • Samsung SCX-4500W (as office printer)
    • Epson 3880(?) Piezography dedicated b+w, also for transparency digital negative

Floating, as needed:

  • Workstation:
    • Norco ITX-S4
    • Seasonic SS-250SU
    • ASRock E3C226D2I – (note: no audio)
    • Intel E3-1270v3
    • 16GB RAM
    • Quadro K600
    • Seagate 600 Pro 240GB
    • 4x bays as needed, useful for archive mirroring for move.
    • BlackMagic USB3?
    • RME USB3?
  • Calibration:
    • i1Publish Pro 2
    • old Spyder puck (model?)
    • additional colorimeter

Other LAN:

  • build 2x or 3x radio dual band AP
  • OOB LAN/KVMIP/Serial over IP:  TBD

Other Devices/Features:

  • Quirky Nimbus
  • Sonos
    • Connect Hub
    • 2x Sonos Play 1
  • Philips Hue Lighting (high CRI  (90 at 2700K), 2000-6500K for object evaluation under diverse lighting, maybe UV source?)
    • 19x Hue A19
    • 2x Hue PAR30
    • 2x Hue Strips
  • 2x TCP Wireless White LED Bulbs
  • 9x Milight RGBW LED Bulbs
  • ZWave USB stick
  • deRFusb 23E00 JTAG 802.15.4
  • TI 802.15.4 tools


  • 1265v2 + X9SAE-V-0 (accidental order; maybe for Miami 2nd box, but prefer IPMI)
  • Supermicro X9SRG-F (so maybe this for Miami, but for power draw)
  • EVGA E760 + i7-920 (anything useful for this now, given power draw?)
  • Asus A8N-SLI + Opteron 175 (same, but even more so?)
  • Yaesu Radios (to interface and/or SDR experiments?)
  • Arduinos (as needed, perhaps in sculpture)
  • PC104 Board
  • Sun Qube (bring this back, somewhere, it’s too cool to sit unused)
  • Cyrix Industrial DC computers (any use?)


…and more assorted stuff, drives, PSUs, cards, and g-d – the cables…



  • Mirror/Workstation/VM host:
    • Simple no-name half tower
    • Seasonic G-750RM
    • Supermicro X9SRE-3F
    • Intel E5-1620v2
    • 32GB
    • Quadro K600 (installed as needed to avoid KVMIP issues)
    • LSI 9260-8i(?)
    • 840 Pro 256GB OS + M500 240GB VM + 4x 4TB Deskstar 7K4 NAS + more drives (drive to mirror/cache use profiles)
    • 2x “3 in 2″ hotswap bays
  • General desktop:
    • IStarUSA S-21
    • Old Shuttle 20 Pin D/ITX PSU
    • ASRock B85M-ITX
    • Intel Pentium G3020
    • 8GB RAM
    • EVO 120GB SSD
  • Media:
    • (new case, maybe HAF XB too big, find half height ATX media box)
    • inventory the PSU
    • Gigabyte GA-P67A-UD7-B3
    • Intel i7-2600K
    • 12GB RAM
    • 8400GS (replace this?)
    • 64GB SSD + 1.5TB Seagate
  • Switch: AP: Linksys WRT54GSv1 DD-WRT
  • UPS: Eaton 5125-1500 RM in vertical floor stand (maybe to 9125)


SITE 3 – Miami

  • Workstation/Mirror/VM Host:
    • Silverstone DS380 (kinda meh, forced to 8×3.5; topdown 5.25 is more versatile, but pricey with cost of hotswap bays)
    • Seasonic SS-250 SU
    • ASRock E3C224D4I-14s
    • Intel E3-1230v3
    • 16GB ECC RAM
    • Seagate 600 Pro 240GB + M500 240GB VM + 100GB S3700 or 80GB 3500 LR DB + M500 240GB User Profile mirror/cache
    • 4TB LAN Resource mirror +6x 4TB Deskstar 5K4000
  • Need 2nd machine to allow reconfigure of above without full resync cross cloud.
  • Either 1220v3 (gives Vt-d) or Avoton (gives 40W) or X9SRG/X9SAE as above
  • UPS: Eaton 9130-700W by USB (get BD LAN card)
  • Other thoughts
  • Maybe LGA2011 Supermicro Twin in spare HAF 915 (oh look, Puget Systems had the same idea).
    Possibly bring back “toaster” idea; 915R, cut top mesh, vertical mount “5 in 3″ bays? neat, HP Moonshot, same idea.
  • KVMIP as extra remote assurance/insurance
  • RS232 multi IB/OOB 
  • AP: 3x Netgear WNDR3700 DD-WRT main LAN (add outgoing client VPN script+dyndns to cover household PEBKAC; maybe even hidden mini router at wirecloset)
  • Use several WiFi LANs/adapters/WiFi-Ethernet bridges to cover wired LAN failure, main LAN misconfig, double NAT/subnet, etc.
    Consider putting home LAN on double NAT
    , mine on first stage
    , bridge/route to be able to fix home user LAN





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