There is not much for you to see here, yet.

Slowly I'm adding technical/practical usage notes on much of my camera equipment. You can find it in the noted section.


Able Archer 0.9 DEFCON mod - NATO/MIL-STD-2525b symbols for your nuclear pleasure:




Tuneup 0.3.1 - a simple automatic chromatic instrument tuner - with manual reference tone generation - for Pure Data. The first step in what hope to be a suite of Pure Data apps designed for guitar - though useful for any non-MIDI instrument.

Written with Peter Brinkmann. Released under GPLv3:

Edit: Obviously, this never happened. I've found that Pure Data is too limiting in control structures and dealing with moving between computers of different resolutions - too often it felt like an application and not enough like a programming language. Instead, have a look at creox for Linux, a JACKified real time signals processor. For Windows, of course, there is Guitar Rig. Still, I'm leaving this up, as even I had a need for it today (28 Nov 08).